A New Start

This was formally a site I had setup on blog.joeb454.com. I’ve attempted to also have that redirect here but it doesn’t seem to work. The main domain, at least, does redirect here. So why the change? I had a blog I hadn’t updated for at least 2 years hosted there, and a few files and test projects hosted on a VPS by the wonderful Digital Ocean, but even though I was only paying around $6 per month.

$6 per month doesn’t sound too bad, until I thought about it recently and realised that it was $6 per month for me to occasionally sign in and keep the OS & packages up-to-date. Why do that when I could just host a blog at no cost? Sure I’d lose the domain, but that’s not the end of the world. So that’s what I did yesterday.

I’m hoping I’ll be a bit more active than 1 post every couple of years, and maybe document some of the experiences I have with software or my productivity journey — it’s definitely a journey — if I think it’s something that could potentially benefit others. That, and anything else that I think is worth writing about.

Until next time…